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Our services include a designing a customised solar system to suit your business energy needs and budget. We provide professional engineering, quality products, installation and integration. We focus on high quality and reliable products to ensure performance and complying with Australia’s high industry standards. Specialising in commercial to industrial size systems we ensure we will exceed your expectations and provide an Excellent Solar system for your meet all your requirements.


We are Industry experts providing quality products from our reputable suppliers to suit your specific requirements and ensure a quality system and installation to meet your demanding energy needs. Whether this is on Grid or Hybrid systems, equipment integration and training to suit your particular environments and business’s needs. Excellent Solar will provide an outstanding customised solution for your business.


Our approach is sourcing the best products from the most reputable suppliers ensuring that we provide the best designed and engineers system tailored for you. This involves a complete assessment of base-load energy requirements including duty cycle and characteristic of any voltage variation, as well as adhering to your site environmental constructional conditions and use our experienced engineers to design and install a solar energy system to suit your budget and needs. We will also provide ongoing training, monitoring and maintenance to ensure your business receives the most efficiency and the highest power output possible.