If your business can afford to pay its electricity bills, it can afford the cost of commercial solar power.  Unlike households, which tend to use more energy before 9am and after 5pm (off peak), most businesses operate (and use most of their electricity) between 9am-5pm (peak times).  This makes Australian commercial enterprises an ideal fit for solar systems.

Across Australia, standards and energy requirements for commercial businesses are becoming ever more demanding and important. With these growing requirements, offering a high level of care to patients can mean a rise in operating costs. On top of this, business operations require constant running of energy intensive equipment and air conditioning, which leads to energy costs being a significant line item in operating costs. Solar can provide an avenue for greater energy savings for business,across different industries. Excellent Solar makes it easy and requires no alteration to the operations of the business but can provide long-term energy savings and environmental benefits. We provide commercial solar installations here are some reasons to choose solar for your business.

  • Solar can facilitate high energy requirements, allot of business require high demand for electricity 5 to 7 days a week.
  • Many business facilities often have large roof areas that are highly suitable for solar.
  • Solar can assist in reducing demand and capacity charges, which can often form a large part of electricity bills.
  • Solar can potentially offset a significant portion of electricity bills, providing energy savings and protecting against future price rises.
  • Sustainability is often an important initiative within the Healthcare industry and solar provides a visible and long-term commitment to the environment.
  • Depending on your location, usage and tariffs systems of 50kW and up will pay itself off potentially in 3 – 5 years.
  • Solar reduces monthly electricity costs while mitigating against future price rises.
  • Solar allows potential reduction in peak demand charges

Going Green

In Australia each kWh of electricity generated from conventional sources creates on average, approximately 1kg of CO2. According to the Australian Energy Market Commission, a business which harnesses approximately 50,000kws of electricity each year from Solar will saving approximately 50.1 Tonnes of CO2 each year. A solar installation provides a visible commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Commercial systems above 30Kw

When installing systems over 30 kW capacity and up in Australia, it is very important to understand the regulatory guidelines and every solar power system connected to the grid must be approved.

For larger commercial size systems, most (if not all) approvals are issued with conditions. For example, “This 55 kW system has been approved, subject to the system having an export limiting device set to 10 kW”.  Knowing this is extremely important, as it involves a substantial amount of cost and equipment to meet these conditions – and export limiting your system may affect its projected savings.

Some less than reputable commercial solar installers may not disclose this, as they may not have factored it into their costings to begin with. Their logic is that if they have to revise their quote upwards after factoring in additional network compliance work, they may lose your business – but if they ignore it and continue on, they can hope that the system won’t be inspected by the network or its associates.

Investing in a large commercial solar panel array involves significant capital, and you want to avoid any nasty surprises for your business.  To throw in another layer of bureaucracy – most councils require their approval to install systems greater than 10 kW in size.

Be sure to cover this with the solar company of choice, and also confirm with your local council. Excellent Solar will have a Design architect and quality products and a certified installer to implement commercial systems and to handle the legalities and approval process.

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