Industrial buildings offer straightforward roof space which are ideal for solar panels. Businesses can significantly reduce their overheads by generating their own electricity from solar energy. Excellent Solar instals high yielding quality solar panels from our excellent suppliers and partners.

Logistics, manufacturing, storage and construction sectors with industrial units of all sizes can benefit from solar power. Our customers range from small to large businesses with a varying energy requirements. The largest part of a business’s energy usage is during daylight hours and this is when solar energy is produced. Using the solar energy generated from the roof of your building is how you can significantly reduce or nearly eliminate your electricity costs. High energy users benefit the most but even those with standard energy use still see substantial savings. A 50 Kw solar install on their business will see savings approximately in excess of $300,000 on electricity costs over 25 years.

Electricity savings

Traditional electricity purchased from the grid is now priced at around 25 cents to 30 cents a Kw. When you install solar panels, the installation costs for Solar PV now are coming down and over time will pay for themselves over and over again. So your Return on Investment will be to your advantage. What’s more this is your solar energy production will offset your electricity costs and your business will never subject to high energy prices again, making cash flow management and financial forecasting much simpler.

Going green

Not only can industrial solar panels cut costs significantly but they could almost completely eliminate your business’s carbon footprint. Every year 1 Kw of solar saves 1 Ton of carbon emissions. For example a 50Kw system will save 50 Tons of carbon pollution per year. 100Kw system will save 100 Tons of Co2 pollution and a 400Kw system will save over 400 Tons of pollution per year. Its a great way to ensure a sustainable and clean planet for future generations.

Highly reliable, little maintenance

Good quality industrial solar panels offer the best value for money and most are warranted to last at least 25 years and will still produce 80% of the electricity they are producing today in 25 years’ time. The actual lifetime of solar panels is estimated to be longer. Their uncomplicated design means little maintenance is required and not a lot can go wrong with them. To keep your solar panels generating output at their maximum they should be cleaned annually.

Securing your future

With the national grid already employing energy saving strategies, going green and electricity security and price certainty will become a top priority for businesses in the next few years.

  • Energy can be a significant budget line-item of which there is little control over – solar can provide significant control over these costs.
  • Businesses that have constant energy usage are well suited to solar which can help to reduce peak usage.
  • Supply chain organisations often have large facilities with significant roof space to implement solar.
  • Excellent Solar can protect against future electricity price rises.
  • In a carbon intensive industry, commercial solar provides hassle-free carbon abatement which can be used as a core sustainability strategy.

Excellent Solar supply and install Excellent quality Solar panels for industrial use and  remain a compelling investment for the sector.