Upwards pressure on costs and downward pressure on pricing from supermarkets and consumers is one of the key challenges for Agribusiness. With large areas of available land and high energy costs, implementing commercial solar can be a smart strategy to reduce operating costs and improve cash flow. Vacant land can turn into an ongoing revenue stream or cost reduction mechanism. Excellent Solar can increase your farms profitability.

  • Energy savings from solar can provide significant operating cost reductions to improve your bottom line.
  • Increases cash flow by lowering the cost of operations
  • Most agricultural businesses have loads that are well suited to daytime energy generation from solar.
  • Reduce the impact of future energy price rises by controlling a large portion of your energy costs with solar.
  • Solar can turn vacant or unused land into a revenue generating asset.
  • Not limited by space and systems can be designed and scaled as your farm goes making you completely self sufficient.
  • Potential to earn money from feed in tariffs as an extra source of income

A successful harvest relies on sunshine and rain fall. In the event of reduced rainfall, crops must be irrigated to encourage

proper growth. Powering an irrigation system, along with other machines and daily electrical output can cost a farmer a huge portion of their yearly profit.  Harvesting the free, daily power of the sun and installing a solar system will significantly reduce the annual output to a farmer’s electrical provider, without the fear and anxiety associated with large scale energy bills.

Whether you are pumping water to your crops on a daily basis, lighting and/or heating a barn, shearing sheep or simply drying crops , installing a array of solar panels on your agricultural property there is no downside to putting the sun to work for you and your farm. In addition to having your crops and animals directly benefit from the power of the sun. Adding a Solar Farm, that could potentially generate millions of kilowatts to on sell, is another way to make money off of your land.

With the help of a storage battery will also help in reducing your outgoing costs while leveraging off the daily power sourced by the sun, which will be stored to cover your evening electrical needs. Whatever your farming needs are, having Excellent Solar design you a system make sense for a profitable and sutainable farming future.

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